Press release on MOU Rotary and Community Libraries Association of Uganda

Signing the Memorandum Of Understanding

Rotary will partner with UgCLA’s mission  to complement the education system of Uganda and promote the development of productive literacy practices by encouraging and supporting the growth of community libraries. Through their efforts of establishing and maintaining a network of community libraries throughout the country, we will join in the efforts of establishing  a library in every village .

More than just books and banks of computers, libraries are resourceful places where individuals gather to explore through the information, interact with like minds, and imagine great innovations.

This year, our Rotary theme calls us to imagine and through these important places in our communities we open up the human mind to imagine great exploits such as collecting local stories about the life in Uganda ‘s unique villages, documenting it and making it a source of income. Imagine the benefits this would bring to a village. Promoting intellectual property  of the untold stories that would now promote local incomes for the villages.

Our community libraries will go beyond providing content to enabling the community in creating their own content.

Community libraries are a great centre to champion youth development causes.

Libraries teach teens and youth important life skills. Through reading vocational skills books ,leadership books and

volunteer opportunities, programs, and jobs can prepare them for success in high school, technical colleges, and the workforce

students’ reading skills get a boost from reading programs provided to neighboring schools during the term but also during weekends and holidays.

These examples are just a few of the many amazing things that community libraries can do in Uganda. Now let us all imagine every village with a library how amazing this would be and what great wealth this would bring to our communities. Wealth in literacy empowerment, wealth in intellectual property management,  wealth in behavior youth rehabilitation centres and productivity, wealth in promoting community social capital and security and many more. A great partnership with great economic and social gain for our Country Uganda..

Rotary District Governor (DG), Mike Kennedy Sebalu  signing MOU on behalf of Rotary District 9213 together with Chairperson, Community Libraries Association of Uganda, Solomon Ochwo-Oburu