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Become a member

Uganda Community Libraries Association (UgCLA) membership is open to libraries, organisations (NGOs, private companies, etc.) and individuals.

Members can participate in training programmes and UgCLA organized events. Community libraries are encouraged to apply for small grants that UgCLA distributes on a competitive basis.

Individual members will learn how they can help promote a reading culture by setting up libraries in their own communities.


As a member of UgCLA, you stand to gain from the following:

  • Capacity building and information sharing workshops;
  • Participation in grant distribution competitions and other forms of sponsorships;
  • Interns and Volunteer programme
  • Assistance in developing direct links with donors;
  • Full participation in the Annual General Meetings that influence UgCLA’s management

Membership Fee

To become a member, the annual subscription is 50,000 USH. There is also an annual 50,000 USH contribution.

Even if a member can’t pay the annual subscription fee, the 50,000 USH contribution must be paid to participate in the annual conference.

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Application for individuals

Application for libraries/institutions